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Bicycle maps and guides

You can find tips regarding biking routes in the bicycle path map, on the LahtiMob app or in biking guides. A new bicycle path map will be published in the spring of 2016. The map features regional routes suitable for biking.

The LahtiMob mobile app features 8 popular bicycle routes. (näistä karttalinkit, kartat pyydetty )

  1. Family biking in Laune
  2. To the Hollola border in Riihelä
  3. The best shore scenery in Lahti
  4. Around small lakes
  5. West from Jalkaranta to the ridge
  6. To the Pajulahti Sports Institute
  7. The Immilä mill
  8. The Kuivanto tour

Bicycle paths are also featured on the online map. They can be displayed by checking the "Bicycle tracks" box in the "Traffic" sub-menu of the "Show on map" menu.