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The decision-making and leadership of the City of Lahti are governed by the Local Government Act and the administrative regulations. Every municipality must have administrative regulations. Lahti updated its administrative regulations so that the new regulations came into effect from the beginning of 2019.

The City Board

The City Board represents political leadership. Sirkku Hildén (SDP) began as Chair of the Lahti City Board in June 2019. The Vice Chairs of the Lahti City Board are Kalle Aaltonen (Pro Lahti), Mira Nieminen (PS) and Milla Bruneau (NCP). The City Board consist of eleven members and it runs the City Administration, prepares and implements the decisions by the City Council, protects the City’s interest and represents the City. The City Board of Lahti has a full-time Chair and half-time Vice Chairs. Thus, they receive a monthly salary for their positions of trust. Promoting the interests of a city the size of Lahti has not been deemed possible alongside other full-time

The City Council exercises supreme authority

The 59 members of the City Council exercise supreme authority in the city. The most important duty of the City Council is to decide on the strategy and budget. The President of Lahti City Council is Juha Rostedt (NCP). The first Vice President is Sonja Falk (KD), the second Rami Lehto (PS) and the third Pekka Komu (SDP). The Presiding Officers of the City Council perform their duties alongside their own work.

Lahti City Council usually meets once a month. The meetings are open to all