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Multicultural Centre Multi-Culti

Welcome to visit and do activities at the busy and colourful Multi-Culti activity centre in the Lahti city centre! Multicultural Centre Multi-Culti, run by Lahti Youth Services, is a civic activity centre free for all.

Multi-Culti strives to promote multi-ethnic and equal opportunities and support participation and integration in Päijät-Häme by bringing people together through a variety of activities.

All people, both Finns and immigrants, are welcome without any restrictions or requirements. Participation is mainly free of charge. You can join by participating in existing activities or becoming a volunteer yourself by starting your own action group, for example. Personnel are there to instruct, guide and support thegroups and volunteers.

Multi-Culti is an activity centre that organises

  • group activities such as study and hobby groups
  • activities to support the activities of own (minority) culture such as peer groups
  • courses, lectures and events.

Action groups meet by their own schedule.

The facilities of Multi-Culti are great for independent activities. Friendship associations and other diversity-promoting societies and groups have an opportunity to use the facilities free of charge. You can get information about facilities and using them from our personnel.

Multi-Culti is an international meeting place and living room

  • where you can come to spend time, read the day’s paper and get to know new people
  • that has cosy seats and tables, nooks for socialising, games, an electric piano, a video projector and a television
  • that has a well-supplied kitchen where you can also eat your own snacks
  • where different groups and communities are welcome to visit when agreed in advance.

Multi-Culti also has a cosy playroom where the kids always play at their own adult’s risk.

Multi-Culti is a low-threshold guidance and advice point

  • that has a multilingual library, brochures of networks and cooperation partners, and information such as the Päijät-Häme voluntary work network’s introduction folder “What is volunteer work?”, among others
  • where the personnel gives advice and guides towards other services, if necessary.