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Palvelutori Service Centre

Lahti Palvelutori Service Centre offers diverse public services in the same location.

You can find the Palvelutori Service Centre on the second floor in Trio Shopping Centre, providing the following services:

  • customer service of the City of Lahti, Lahti-Piste
  • social welfare and diverse health care services of the PH-Hyvinvointiyhtymä
  • KELA service (social benefits) – at the moment no personal service available
  • TE service (job related matters)
  • diverse services for immigrants

Please note, that each service operates with their own hours.

Lahti Palvelutori Service Centre is open
weekdays Mon-Fri 8-16

Palvelutori Service Centre is a platform for customer service, events and happenings. Lava is the space for happenings. We have a workshop called Paja for creative activities and purposes, with sewing machines and computers, and a living room called Olkkari, with child care facilities. Osallistumistila Kymppi offers information  and material of the city Lahti.

You are welcome!

We also offer meeting facilities in different sizes and forms. In matters concerning the meeting rooms please contact us via email at

Important information due to the epidemic situation

Please  note, that at the moment we provide limited customer service and facilities due to the coronavirus.

We recommend that you use the online services or contact the services by phone. Always check the hours, the form and type of the service needed.

The meeting facilities can be used with limitations. The facilities of Paja and Olkkari are also open but with restrictions and regulations.
Limitations concern the hours and also the headcount. We will inform you about these limitations on contact.

Please do not come to Palvelutori Service Centre if you have any symptoms of coronavirus or flu.
At all time – remember to hold the safe distance to others.

We thank you in advance.

Palvelutori Service Centre

  • Palvelutori Service Centre

    Visiting address

    Palvelutori, Trio Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Vesku-Aukio, Aleksanterinkatu 18

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    Mailing address

    Kauppakeskus Trio, Aleksanterinkatu 18, 15140 Lahti