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Participatory budgeting

Propose ideas, develop, vote – join us in developing Lahti!

Lahti has launched a participatory budgeting project again on 23 August. Residents are invited to join the development of our city in three stages during late 2021.  People decide, the City implements.

Submission of ideas is open between 23.8.-17.9.2021.

Submit your idea

New theme with a focus on children and young people

Lahti residents are invited to submit ideas based on various themes to be implemented by the City. The themes of participatory budgeting in 2021–2022 are communality, the environment, well-being, and children and young people. The project aims to reach more children and young people and encourage schools and educational institutes to come up with ideas and vote.

Budget €200,000

A total of €200,000 has been budgeted for implementing the ideas in 2022. The sum is distributed in five equal parts for the following areas: the northern, southern and eastern areas, the city centre, and the entire city.


  • Lahti residents of all ages can submit their ideas to the City of Lahti during the idea submission stage 23 August–17 September 2021.

    Ideas can be proposed for any of the areas. The proposed idea must be linked to one of the four themes and be realisable by the City. The City has the right to further develop and edit the ideas.

    Two gift vouchers worth €50 for the City’s cultural services are drawn among those submitting an idea.

    Before submitting your idea, consider the following:

    • Does your idea fall within the remit of the City? For instance, introducing a new auditorium at Finnkino or a Health Kiosk at Trio, or improving a cycling path on road sections managed by the state do not fall within the City’s remit.
    • Does your idea fit in the budget (up to €40,000/area)?
    • Is your idea linked to any of the themes: communality, the environment, well-being, and children and young people
    • Which City service area could your idea concern?
    • Which area in the city does your idea concern?

    What happens to the ideas after the idea submission stage?

    The City’s experts assess the ideas received in October, based on the following criteria:

    • The idea must be lawful
    • The idea must fall within the City’s remit
    • The idea is linked to communality, the environment, well-being or children and young people
    • The costs of the idea fit in the budget (up to €40,000/area)
    • The City must be able to maintain the proposed initiative in the future, and it must not, for instance, require hiring permanent staff
    • The idea is non-commercial
    • The idea is non-discriminatory and promotes equality
    Submit your idea
  • Some of the ideas are selected for the mutual development stage where residents and the City’s experts co-operate to turn the ideas into plans. Mutual development takes place in workshops that are open to all, or online in November. Information about the workshops will be published on the City’s website and social media. Ideas can also proceed directly from the idea submission stage to the voting stage.

  • All Lahti residents can cast their vote between 1–19 December. Voting takes place online at, at the Palvelutori Service Centre in Trio shopping centre, and in libraries. The successful ideas will be implemented by the City during 2022.

Participatory budgeting coordinators in Lahti