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Can smart solutions help us achieve sustainable development?  Ecocity Forum presents innovations from Lahti, Finland, and around the world 

Digitalisation and smart technology can be utilised in many ways in the development of the sustainable cities of the future. Lahti, the European Green Capital 2021, is bringing current solutions and front-row speakers together at the Ecocity Forum conference on 2 November 2021.

In addition to ambitious climate goals, it is also vital for cities to promote ecological sustainability and the well-being of their residents in other ways. The pandemic forced something of a revolution when it left many organisations with little choice but to make greater use of digital solutions.

How can we utilise the skills in technology and virtual cooperation that have been built up during the pandemic to support the sustainable development of cities going forward? How do digital services relate to more climate-friendly lifestyles and choices? Ecocity Forum Lahti looks for solutions to these burning questions from the perspectives of both cities and individuals.

– Solutions on the individual level are very significant when it comes to reducing emissions. However, instead of finger-pointing, residents need easy and effective ways of monitoring and reducing their own emissions. Ecocity Forum is also about driving discussion around technological solutions to this problem, says the Program Director of Lahti’s Green Capital project, Saara Vauramo.

Bringing youth voices and companies’ solutions to the fore

In November’s hybrid event, business representatives, decision-makers, researchers and developers of digital tools and solutions will meet in an inspiring environment. Young people also have an important role in the conference – the organisation Youth & Environment Europe, LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University will each be producing material for the event.

Lahti, which is hosting Ecocity Forum, has been acting to fulfil its role as the European Green Capital amidst the pandemic and now wants to share its experiences for audiences globally. The event will present topics such as Lahti’s personal carbon trading experiment and sustainable development innovations from the green capital’s partners Sitowise, CGI, Vaisala, Fujitsu and L&T based on smart technology and digitalism.

Lead by top speakers and visionaries, the conference will offer a look at the latest ideas in sustainable city development. It will offer local government representatives and experts from various fields new perspectives into the possibilities digitalisation has created for answering climate questions.

Speakers will include Perttu Pölönen, an internationally renowned young futurist, inventor, non-fiction writer and composer. Pölönen has delved into subjects like future technologies and considered the kinds of skills people may need in the future.

Other notable people present include innovator, entrepreneur and consultant specialising in data and smart cities Alanus von Radecki and explorer, mountaineer and ardent proponent of climate action Patrick Degerman.

Ecocity Forum Lahti is organised by Lahti – European Green Capital 2021, Ecocity Builders and Lahti Events. You can watch the free open seminar live on the City of Lahti’s YouTube channel on 2 November 2021 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will be held in English. For further information, visit Ecocity Forum Lahti website.