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Lahti works on global model to address biodiversity loss 

The city, in collaboration with Sitra and the Sustainable Lahti Foundation, is creating a nature-positive city action model that other cities can also utilize globally. Experts in the field will meet in Lahti on February 15th.

The concept of nature-positivity has gained popularity in recent years, focusing on halting biodiversity loss and promoting ecological diversity. Hanna Mattila, the project manager, defines nature-positive living as producing more benefits than harm to the environment. Mattila leads the work towards nature positivity in the city of Lahti.

Cities play a crucial role in combating biodiversity loss, with changes in land use posing a significant threat to ecological diversity. On February 15th, Lahti will host the Building a Nature-Positive City Together! event, bringing together experts and stakeholders involved in nature-related work in urban areas.

– Lahti’s nature target will be defined this year, with a roadmap developed in collaboration with local stakeholders to achieve it by the end of the year, says Mattila.

Mattila emphasizes the importance of collaboration in every stage of nature-related work, involving businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and residents.

Lahti pioneering a global nature-positive model

Lahti aims to pioneer a nature-positive city aciton plan that can be scaled to other cities and regions nationally and internationally. Sitra is a crucial supporter and financier of this initiative.

According to Lasse Miettinen, the Director of Sustainability Solutions at Sitra, nature-positivity is the next generation’s holistic ecological sustainability goal, bringing together previously separate areas: biodiversity, climate, and natural resources.

– The initiative by the Lahti region to pilot the path towards nature-positivity sets an example for the entire Finnish municipal sector and beyond, says Miettinen.

Lahti approaches nature-positivity from both scientific and artistic perspectives. The international goals for stopping biodiversity loss were agreed upon at the UN Nature Conference in Montreal in December 2022 (COP15). The roadmap towards nature-positivity in Lahti is based on scientific knowledge, alongside the utilization of the possibilities presented by art and culture.

– Art can convey emotions, create new participation and interaction spaces, and creative thinking can lead to new perspectives and innovations in solving environmental challenges, Mattila reflects.

The Building a Nature-Positive City Together! event includes the opportunity for a guided tour of the Future Garden exhibition at the Visual Arts Museum Malva.

The event is linked to the Planetary Health conference in Lahti, taking place from February 13th to 15th, which delves into the interaction between the environment and health. The People and Planet conference will explore the relationship between the environment and health.

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