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Indoor pests in Finland include insect pests and their larvae as well as rodents.

Examples of pests referred to in the Health Protection Act include rats, mice and bird pests. Insect pests can be classified as textile, food and wood pests, external parasites and other insects that are present indoors.

You can buy pesticides, repellents and bait boxes at locations such as hardware stores. At present, no rat poisons are available to consumers. It is often advisable to contact a pest extermination professional. Contact information for pest extermination companies can be found on service directories and online.

Prevention of pest problems

  • Keep kitchen and washing facilities clean
  • Clean floor drains and drain traps regularly
  • Keep the attic and basement clean
  • Repair any holes, openings, cracks and broken drain covers
  • Keep waste sheds clean and in good condition

Insect pests

Small, uninvited indoor guests, i.e. insect pests, are often a nuisance to humans and sometimes also harmful. In housing companies, any insect pests must be reported to the property manager.

Textile pests refer to insects the larvae of which feed on various textile fibres. Food pests eat foodstuffs or contaminate them with their excrement. External parasites refer to bedbugs, lice, fleas, mites and ticks. Other unwanted guests include the silverfish, ants and fruit flies.

You can also bring insect pests to the environmental health department for identification. Bring the insects to be identified in a sealed box intact, do not crush them.

Rodents and birds

The owner or occupier of a property or area is responsible for the control and extermination of pests in its area. Pests should not have access to food or nesting places. Properties must comply with valid waste management regulations. Winter feeding of birds must be properly arranged, as the feeding of birds and other animals can attract rats to the area. Any detection of rats must first be reported to the property owner or property manager. Any detection of rats in parks and street areas can be reported to the customer service number of the parks and green spaces division of the City of Lahti on tel. +358 (0)20 433 3600.

Attention must also be paid to the protection of buildings against rodents and birds. Housing companies may set rules regarding e.g. the feeding of birds in their rules and regulations. In housing companies, any pest sightings or inappropriate activities of residents must be reported to the property manager.