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Sustainable lifestyle

The carbon footprint of an average Finn is 10,000 kg CO2 eq. per year. If all the inhabitants of the Earth lived like Finns, we would need five globes’ worth of natural resources. It is worth it to try out a more sustainable lifestyle even by the smallest actions – we need them too.  

See what your lifestyle’s climate impact is with Sitra’s lifestyle test or calculate your climate impact and start your climate diet with the Finnish Environment Institute’s test.


  • Housing produces around a third of a household’s greenhouse gas emissions. Heating causes the most significant climate impact. In Lahti, district heat is produced from recycled fuel and biomass, which means the emissions of heating are noticeably lower compared to district heat produced from coal.  A fast way to decrease the environmental impacts of your own electricity consumption is to change your electricity contract to electricity produced from renewable energy sources.  

    Sustainable choices: 

    • Switch off the lights from the rooms that are unoccupied.
    • Switch off the equipment that are not used. The equipment also uses up energy on stand-by mode.  
    • Unplug your charger when you’re not charging. 
    • Lower the room temperature. 
    • Don’t waste warm water. 
    • Get energy-efficient household appliances. 
  • Promoting environmentally friendly modes of transport such as walking, biking and public transport is a priority in Lahti. Our goal is that over half of the journeys are made using sustainable modes of transport in 2030. Everyday exercise promotes health and improves the quality of life.  

  • Environmentally conscious consumers favour well-balanced, vegetable-rich and seasonal food as well as natural fish. Food waste can be prevented by predicting the food consumption as well as using and storing food with care. Fair trade products add to the choices of a responsible consumer.

    Tips for sustainable food choices and decreasing food waste by Motiva (in Finnish).

  • Consider, maintain, utilise the existing things and favour the used things. Purchase new things only for a necessary need and favour the local entrepreneurs and used things. For services, favour responsible service providers.  

    New lending and rental services are developed for the city residents. In addition to books, libraries also offer musical instruments, board games and exercise equipment, among other things. The City rents out a variety of facilities for sports, cultural and other events. Free conference rooms can be booked from the libraries. Environmental Counselling lends the residents two cargo bikes, one of which is electrical. You can borrow a thermal camera from Palvelutori service centre to determine the energy losses of your home. 

    Duly recycle any material you stop using. 

  • Consumption creates waste. To decrease waste, you can carefully consider the necessity before making the purchase decision, avoid short-lived and disposable purchases, favour durable products and repair them when possible. 

    Not all waste can be avoided, so it should then be recycled. In the end, recycling is up to the consumer’s own activeness and responsibility. Promote circular economy and recycle your waste!  

    Waste sorting instructions (PHJ).

  • You don’t need to give up your hobbies and stay home to spend your free time in a more ecological way. You can find interesting nature sites, recreation areas and a selection of cultural attractions in the Lahti region. Travel and hike nearby – it saves the environment and is often inexpensive! 

    Lahti provides a variety of opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities to its residents and tourists alike. Sport services in Lahti.

    Every year, hundreds of cultural events are organised that attract people from near and far. Culture in Lahti.