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The Hennala of the future is a charming parklike residential and workplace area. Dignified red-brick barracks and massive trees are reminiscent of the area’s military history.​ 

The old Hennala garrison emptied as the hundred-year operations of the Finnish Defence Forces in Hennala ceased by the end of 2014.  Hennala has the old city appeal. Lahti is a young city that has only one uniform built area that is over a hundred years old. The old red-brick buildings and massive trees create a unique, interesting environment.​ 

Hennala is to become a residential and workplace area that celebrates the area’s history. Complementary building is carried out on the terms of the old building stock.  New buildings are mainly planned in the currently unbuilt south and west sides of the area. Transforming the area for its new purpose takes years. ​ 

Buildings have received new owners​ 

The government has sold the existing old buildings to private companies and persons, and they have been gradually transferred to their new purpose. The buildings include both apartments and business facilities. The ownership of the former mess hall remained with the government, and it was renovated into facilities for the Häme Police Department. ​ 

The change of city plan for the garrison area has been completed. Ownership and maintenance of the area’s streets and parks have been acquired by the City. The renovation of the streets in the old garrison area and construction of new streets begins in 2021.​