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Lahti trackside

Lahti trackside is becoming a dense and urban district right next to the city centre. The area combines the Travel Centre as a junction of public transportation, new residential and business areas and services.​

​Lahti trackside is an exceptional complex with its location and history. The development of the area is based on the national idea competition held in 2012. It has been the basis of the planning when industrial areas have become available for other purposes.​

Construction for the trackside in its entirety can take decades. In the future, the area will provide a cosy and ecological environment for over 6,000 residents and thousands of workplaces.​

Fast connections to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Russia​

The Travel Centre, which combines different modes of transportation, was the first project of the Lahti trackside to be completed. The long-distance terminal of public transport was also moved to the Railway Station. The short distances of the junction station and fast rail connections to Russia and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area create great conditions for developing the entire trackside.​

The development projects and planning work of the trackside are advanced simultaneously. This is to ensure that construction can begin fast.​

Roots in the old industry​

Located east of the Travel Centre, the cultural and historical industrial environment of the Askonalue area forms a central part of the planned area of the trackside. In recent years, the old factories of Asko and Upo have transformed into a diverse working area. ​

New construction has been planned for the area, which mainly involves new housing and services. The west side of the Travel Centre offers a possibility to build a hotel and business premises in addition to housing construction. ​

The area has several landowners, and it will take years for the entire area to be completed. The first new buildings are already under construction in the Askonalue area, the west side of the Travel Centre and in the Vahva-Jussi area.​