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Checklist for street spring cleaning

Street dust levels are high almost every spring as many particles from the grit spread on the streets during winter are in the air. Proper grit removal and street cleaning can reduce the amount of street dust.

There can be a lot of dust in the air, especially on sunny and dry days. Rain and meltwater moisten the roads and reduce dust. Spring dust can be significantly reduced by effective street maintenance and with the right timing.

Street dust can weaken lung function and increase asthma attacks and respiratory infections. Symptoms can also include a runny nose, cough and itchy throat and eyes.

Street cleaner’s checklist

Use the right tools and enough water.

Always use plenty of water when brushing the grit because water binds dust. Lahti’s environmental protection regulations prohibit using leaf blowers and dry brushing for grit removal.

Move the grit away

Deliver used grit to a waste station because it is waste. Do not wash the grit into rainwater wells because it can cause a drain blockage. The grit may also not be swept onto the street from your yard.

You can reuse a small amount of clean grit in your yard.

Watch out for machines cleaning the streets

During street works, many large machines are in traffic. Machine operators cannot see everywhere, and there are blind spots around the machines. Machine operators drive carefully, but the person passing should also be careful. Do not assume the driver has spotted you or try to slip past quickly. These can cause dangerous situations. These can cause dangerous situations.

For example, by waving your hand to the driver and waiting for a reaction, you can ensure that the plane driver has noticed you. If necessary, the driver can momentarily interrupt the work and allow you to pass safely. Always keep a fair safety distance to work machines.

Who is responsible for removing the grit?

The city removes grit from all areas for which it is responsible for snow ploughing and ice prevention. Destia Oy, Viherpalvelut Hyvönen Oy, and YIT Road Oy are responsible for the work in their respective contract areas. Grit removal has already started in the areas under the city’s responsibility.

The city will clean street areas in the city centre during a separate Operation Sandstorm in mid-April.

There are sidewalk sections in the downtown area whose winter maintenance is the responsibility of housing associations. The property managers of the building societies take care of the cleaning and dust control of these parts.

The removal of grit takes about five weeks in total.