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City of Lahti to join the sustainable demolition Green Deal agreement

The agreement applies to the demolition projects of buildings and infrastructure sites under the responsibility of the city group. The main objective is to increase the reuse and recycling of demolition materials.

The agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and city of Lahti will be valid until the end of 2025.

The aim of the agreement is to promote the functioning of the market for demolition materials generated in renovation and demolition projects, thereby increasing the reuse and recycling of demolition materials.

Lahti is a laudable recycler of waste, which provides a model for recycling materials from demolition. The optimal situation would be for the materials from demolished buildings to be transferred to new buildings and without virgin natural resources needed. The development of this technology has significant potential on a global scale.

The Green Deal agreement seeks solutions to climate challenges, loss of biodiversity and over-consumption of natural resources, as well as to promoting the circular economy in Finland.