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COVID-19 passport widely introduced in the city’s services

The weakened coronavirus situation tightens regional restrictions. The new restrictions regarding customer and public premises will be in effect from Monday 20 December onwards and the restrictions regarding outdoor and indoor gatherings from 27 December onwards. An alternative to restrictions is to introduce the use of the COVID-19 passport for persons over the age of 16.  

Tightening the restrictions on gatherings

On the proposal of the coronavirus coordination group, the Regional State Administrative Agency has confirmed the new restrictions concerning gatherings starting from 27 December 2021.

  • Public events and general meetings indoors from the maximum of 20 people to maximum of 10 people, and
  • outdoors / outdoor space to maximum of 50 people.
  • The recommendation that private events for more than 20 people should be avoided, remains unchanged.

The restrictions do not apply to events and gatherings that require all customers to present a COVID-19 passport. Extensive face mask and remote work recommendation is in effect in the Päijät-Sote area.

Restrictions regarding customer and public premises

Restrictions on the use of customer and public premises will also enter into force. As of 20 December 2021, these restrictions will apply to the city’s swimming halls, sports facilities, museum and exhibition facilities and adults’ group leisure activities. Facilities and services can still be used by presenting a COVID-19 passport.

Group leisure activities for children and young people can be continued by increasing safety measures. Parents can stay in the premises on a limited basis only by presenting a COVID-19 passport.

Impact of the restrictions on the city’s services from Monday 20 December 2021

  • swimming halls – COVID-19 passport is checked at the cashier’s desk
  • swimming hall gyms – COVID-19 passport is checked at the cashier’s desk. Absence of a COVID-19 passport does not entitle you to season pass refund.
  • the city’s public gym hours in the Mäkikatsomo building and Lotila school gymnasium are suspended
  • sports clubs’ practise sessions in the city’s indoor sports facilities – representatives of the clubs are responsible for checking the COVID-19 passport
  • Lahti Energia arena and other sports halls – individual arena membership card owners must be prepared to present a COVID-19 passport
  • the city’s public skating hours at SOL arena are suspended
  • group leisure activities, amateur theatres and other similar premises – those renting the premises will ask for a COVID-19 passport
  • Wellamo Community College – COVID-19 passport is required in group instruction for adults. Information about the spring semester starting on 10 January 2022 will be announced separately.
  • Lahti City Museums – COVID-19 passport is checked at the cashier’s desk
  • Lahti City Theatre – COVID-19 passport is required
  • Sinfonia Lahti concerts and other events at Sibelius Hall – COVID-19 passport is required
  • City Library – compliance with safety regulations, face mask recommendation and safe distances. Library services do not require a COVID-19 passport, but it can be asked to be presented for events with more than 10 people.
  • Youth facilities – compliance with safety regulations, face masks and a safe distance from others recommended.
  • Lahti Christmas Village 11–22 December – compliance with safety regulations, face masks and safe distances recommended.
  • School activities and Christmas celebrations – organized in accordance with school safety regulations, guardians are not invited to school Christmas celebrations.
  • New Year’s Eve fireworks 31 December – fireworks can be seen in the city centre area, but gatherings will not be organized.

Instructions for the use of COVID-19 passport

Customers aged 16 years and over are required to present a COVID-19 passport. The customer should be prepared to prove their identity when presenting a COVID-19 passport.  COVID-19 passport can be downloaded before attending an event or using a service. Checking might take time and generate queues.

COVID-19 passport can be downloaded from My Kanta Pages to a smartphone or printed on paper. Those who do not have a smartphone or printer will be offered the possibility to print a COVID-19 passport at the Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing’s service point at the Palvelutori Service Centre, shopping centre Trio. The service point in Palvelutori is open Mon–Thu 8–16 and Fri 8–14. Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing wishes that people would help their elderly close relatives or friends to download the COVID-19 passport if necessary.

The restrictions and recommendations in the area will be in force until 31 December. The Coronavirus Cooperation Group will closely monitor the development of the epidemic situation and will meet on 22 December to assess the vaccination and epidemic situation and any necessary measures.