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Lahti city partners with LUT university to measure the nature footprint

The city of Lahti is working with LUT University to understand the nature footprint of the city. They are starting to calculate Lahti's ecological footprint together.

The information from this study will help the city set nature goals. LUT University, led by Associate Professor Ville Uusitalo, will conduct the calculation for both Lahti’s procurement and its geographical area.

The calculation will be done throughout 2024, with initial results expected by May 2024. This will provide information on the global extinction potential caused by Lahti’s land use and procurement. It will also help identify which sectors have the greatest impact. This study will expand beyond just procurement to include land use within the city.

The nature footprint is an important measure when discussing environmental impacts. It indicates the damage a product, company, municipality, or consumer causes to biodiversity. Lahti’s ecological footprint calculation is based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the LC Impact method, which assess environmental impacts throughout a product or service’s lifecycle.

This research will provide more comprehensive information about cities’ actual nature footprints and generate recommendations for calculating, defining, opportunities, and development needs.

For more information

Project Manager Hanna Mattila, City of Lahti, Tel.  +358 44 482 6224,
Associate Professor Ville Uusitalo, LUT University, Tel. + 358 40 586 4486,

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