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Lahti implements a climate budget

The City of Lahti will implement a climate budget in the 2025 budget. The climate budget provides information on the effectiveness and costs of the city's climate actions. The goal is also to later assess the costs of not taking action.

Lahti has been tracking its emission reductions for a long time and aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming years. To reach this goal, information is needed not only about emission reductions but also about the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of climate actions.

– The climate budget makes visible the resources we use for climate work and achieving carbon neutrality, says financial director Tiina Mörsky.

The goal is also to later understand the costs that come from not doing climate work.

Lahti’s model for climate budgeting was prepared in the Lahti Climate Budget project, funded by the Ministry of the Environment. The model has also been inspired by the climate budgets of cities like Tampere, Turku, Espoo, and Joensuu.

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