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Lahti is becoming more international and diverse as a study city

In 2022, 19,3 % of students pursuing degrees in Lahti were foreigners or spoke a different language, which is higher than the national average. There are foreign or non-native Finnish speakers studying in all educational levels after basic education. 

Lahti has a higher proportion of foreign and non-native speaking students than the national average. Last year, about 19,3 % of Lahti’s students, approximately 6 500 out of nearly 33 700, were foreign or non-native language speakers.

In 2022, 54,4 % of university students in Lahti were foreign or non-native speakers. The fact that the number of students in the new university city is still relatively low can be partly explain the percentage. However, it also indicates that Lahti is an attractive place for students.

Many graduated from vocational education or university of applied sciences in 2022

Many students completed vocational and higher education degrees last year. About 40 % of the total 5 657 degrees were vocational upper secondary qualification, further vocational or specialist vocational qualifications and 20 % were higher education degrees.

University degrees were less common in Lahti, 2,7 % of all degrees. The number of university degrees is expected to increase in the near future.

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