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Lahti is one of pioneers in climate-neutrality

Six Finnish cities have received recognition from the European Commission as pioneers in climate-neutrality efforts, and the city of Lahti is one of them.

Lahti has been working on ambitious environmental goals for decades and is continuously developing sustainable urban future. Lahti, along with five other Finnish cities, is part of the EU’s 100 climate-neutral and smart cities program.

Our aim is to lead the way, as pioneership comes with benefits to both the people and companies residing in Lahti. A future-oriented sustainable city is attractive to new residents, employees, companies and investors alike.​

Numerous companies based in the Lahti region, such as Fazer and Hartwall, have set ambitious environmental objectives. In addition, the LUT University, which has a campus in Lahti, is ranked 9th in climate acts worldwide. ​

As most Europeans live in cities the size of Lahti, we set an excellent example to an enormous number of people.​

Check out the article Six Finnish pioneers in carbon neutrality by Katja Alaja, ThisisFINLAND Magazine 2023