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Lahti’s sustainability report presents the full picture of the city’s sustainability efforts

Published for the second time, the sustainability report describes the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the city’s operations.

The sustainability measures of the City of Lahti are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The report takes into account the city’s strategic priorities.

– The aim is to increase transparency and to provide residents and stakeholders with the opportunity to evaluate the city’s operations specifically in terms of sustainability, says Mayor Niko Kyynäräinen.

Lahti has managed to reduce its production-based emissions by about 67% from the comparison year 1990. In 2022, production-based emissions remained at the 2021 level.

According to Niko Kyynäräinen, the 80% emissions reduction target is not far off, but the final steps to achieve the target are the most difficult. Remaining a pioneer of climate work requires additional measures from Lahti, especially in efforts to reduce emissions from road traffic.

– The sustainability principle helps us make long-term plans that do not jeopardise the well-being of future generations through current measures. We want to promote the quality of life of residents and provide businesses with opportunities to succeed, Kyynäräinen stresses.

Sustainability report presentation 2023