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Let’s clean up the streets and landscapes together

The city of Lahti is participating in Yle's nationwide "Miljoona roskapussia" campaign. During the collection campaign from April 15 to June 5, 2024, anyone can collect trash alone or in groups.

Residents and associations can participate in the campaign by cleaning up common areas. Trash pickers can be borrowed from Lahti-Piste, your local library, or a trash picker lending station.

The city maintains a trash picker lending station next to the playground in Sairaalanmäenpuisto. Trash picker lending stations operated by resident associations can be found at Ankkurin Beach, the Anttilanmäki-Kittilä area, Esikkopuisto, and Anttilanmäenpuisto.

The collected trash bags are marked in real-time on an updating counter corresponding to the location where the trash bags were collected. So, in addition to the common good, there is a real competition between Finnish municipalities.

The city of Lahti is organizing a cleanup event on Tuesday, May 21, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at Ankkurin Beach.

Campaign information in English (