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LSL: New traveling zones on March 1st 2023

The number of traveling zones in Lahti region public transport will decrease from ten to four on 1st of March. The reform changes zones, ticket prices and exchange times.

In Lahti region public transport ticket prices are based on traveling zones and customer groups. The zone reform simplifies the use of public transport.

The zone reform does not cause any actions for passengers. The default zones of Waltti travel cards, the zones of season tickets as well as the zones of mobile tickets are automatically updated in the background system. Ticket products for the new zones can be purchased from March 1, 2023.

Traveling zones from March 1, 2023

A = Lahti city center

B = Lahti outskirts, Nastola, Salpakangas and Tiilikangas (Hollola), Hollola kk, Pennala (Orimattila)

C = Orimattila, Hämeenkoski (Hollola), Vääksy and Vesivehmaa (Asikkala), Vierumäki (Heinola), Kärkölä

D = Heinola city center, Heinola kk, Myllykylä (Heinola), Asikkala kk, Padasjoki, Sysmä, Hartola

Longer exchange times

70 min for journeys between 1–2 zones

120 min for journeys between 3–4 zones

90 min for journeys paid with proximity payment.

Ticket pricing

Adults’ value, mobile and proximity payments are the same price after the zone reform.

From March 1, the senior discount is –30 % of the price of an adult’s value and season tickets. The discount is valid on all days and times of the week. In the past the discount has been –50 % but only valid for value tickets on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For season tickets customers over 65 have not received a discount in the old zone system.


Read more and check the effects on prices by municipality and customer groups from LSL website