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Documentary photo exhibition of war and peace in Ukraine

The photo exhibition assembled by Ukrainian photographers tells a story of Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia, the twin city of Lahti, during the aggressive war of Russia.

The aim of the photo exhibition is to draw attention of the Finnish people and the residents of Lahti to the fight of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders. The exhibition includes 15 photos of war and 15 photos of peace. The exhibition describes the situation of Zaporizhzhia and other Ukrainian cities.

Documentary photo exhibition of war and peace in Ukraine
Dates: 21.2.2023–17.3.2023
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 8 a.m–4 p.m.
Location: Fellmannia lower hall, Kirkkokatu 27, Lahti
Free entrance without age limit.
Exhibition’s photos may be shocking.

The exhibition is assembled in collaboration with Kauno ry.


The city of Lahti has had a twin city relationship with the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia since 1953. Because of the Russian aggression war, Lahti has further deepened its relationship with Zaporizhzhia in order to aid them both in the short and long term, in the middle of the war and after it. At the moment Lahti is negotiating with the representatives of Zaporizhzhia about a plan of action that would meet their needs. The exhibition is a concrete example of the collaboration between the cities.

Another example of this collaboration is the concert that was arranged in December 2022 by Lahti Symphony Orchestra and the city of Lahti to support Ukraine. The consert’s profits of over €40,000 were donated in full through the Finn Church Aid to support the Ukrainian children and the rebuilding of their schools.

About Zaporizhzhian delegation’s visit in Lahti

The exhibition’s opening week’s program will include visits of the Zaporizhzhian delegation in higher education institutions and companies. The goal is to promote the Finnish-Ukrainian partnerships and collaboration between municipalities, companies, organizations, and cultural and educational institutions. The delegation’s visit lasts until Thursday 23th February 2023.

The exhibition was opened 21st February by Mayor Pekka Timonen. The opening of the exhibition was attended by representatives from embassy  and a delegation from Zaporizhzhia, consisting of eight people. The delegation includes i.a. representatives of the city and economic development work.

Additional details

City of Lahti
Denis Mustonen, Chief of Development, +358408209473,
Henna Eskonsipo-Bradshaw, Development Manager, +358444820838
Matti Karhos, Chief for Cultural Affairs, +358503878792

updated 22.2.2023 A picture of Zaporižžja and one of the pictures from the photo exhibition. Photographer D. Smolienko.