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Operation Sandstorm cleans the streets in the city centre 26.–29.4.

The city organizes intensive cleaning of the streets of the city centre from 26 to 29 April. Parking garage Toriparkki under the Market Square is available free of charge during the operation.

In the Operation Sandstorm, the sandblasting sands of the city centre are removed, and the streets and parking spaces are washed.

The sandstorm operation covers a large area in the centre. You can check the cleaning areas and the schedule for the weekend on the attached map.

The city posts signs in areas that need to be emptied of cars approximately 2–3 days before the cleaning work begins, telling the vehicle owners there when they should move their vehicles elsewhere. Residents can move their cars to Toriparkki.

Cars that have not been moved despite the move request will be towed to the Market Square. The costs of the transfer are 130 euros, and it is collected from the car owner. The signs are valid until the city has removed the relocation signs.

After the Operation, normal sand removal continues the streets surrounding the city centre.

Schedule for the street cleaning

The schedule is marked with different colours on the map below.

Friday: Green

Saturday: Red

Sunday: Orange

Monday: Blue

Free parking at Toriparkki during the Sandstorm

You can move your car to Toriparkki to avoid the Sandstorm. Parking in Toriparkki is free of charge from Thursday 25 April at 19 until Monday 29 April at 9.

Turn off the automatic camera parking before driving to Toriparkki

Remember to turn off automatic camera parking if you use a parking application. There is no charge for parking when automatic camera parking is off. Fees charged through the application are non-refundable.


Article edited 18.4.2024 at 8:57. Dates of the Operation changed due to weather.