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Radon measurements are recommended in Lahti region

Apartment, house, and real estate owners should do a radon measurement between September and May in all areas with a high radon risk. Radon is a significant health hazard related to living in Päijät-Häme as well.

Radon is a colourless and odourless noble gas present in the indoor air in buildings. People cannot detect radon, so measuring it is the only way determine the exposure to radon.

In Finland, radon levels indoors are higher compared to many other countries due to geology, construction methods, and climate.

Exposure to radon is harmful to health. The effects of radon are not immediate, but health problems often only appear years later.

Radon measurement in houses and apartments

Radon measurement period in houses and apartments is between the beginning of September and the end of May. To measure radon, use two alpha track detectors for at least two months. Place detectors in the living room and bedroom since these are the most frequently used areas.

Smaller apartments, less than 100 m2, can use just one detector.

Radon measurements help determine the average radon levels to which occupants are exposed.

Read more about radon and order detectors from Finnish Radiation and Nuclear and Safety Authority.

Help with radon measurement