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Rent Mankeli bikes with contactless payment

Users can rent Mankeli bikes with the most common payment cards without the Freebike application. The city bike season starts on the 22nd of April if the weather allows.
Nainen mankeliasemalla

Contactless payment allows users to rent a bike using their payment card, and the ride is charged according to the minute price. The minute price is 20 cents per minute in the 2024 season. Contactless payment users do not need the Freebike application to rent bikes.

Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron and Eurocard are valid payment cards for contactless payment. You can pay for the trip with the Google Pay and Apple Pay applications if the payment card information has been added. The introduction of contactless payment does not affect the tickets. When a customer has purchased a season pass or other tickets, they still rent the bikes on the application.

– We have received feedback that the users should have another payment method besides the application. It is great that you can pay for the rides this season with a payment card. I hope this provides a more straightforward solution and we get new customers to test the bikes, says maintenance engineer Anniina Karlstedt.

The city bike season starts on the 22nd of April if the weather allows. The stations for the upcoming season will be published closer to the start of the season.

How to rent the bike with contactless payment

The bike is rented by tapping the payment card on the reader behind the saddle. Payment is successful once the bike lights are on and the backlight shines red. On a small display, users can check the direction of the closest station, battery charge, and cost of the current rent.

The bikes must be returned to a Mankeli station. The payment ends when the user taps the card on the reader again or presses the brake three times. Return of the bike is complete once the bike lights are out.

Users cannot automatically receive a receipt or a paper ticket for contactless payment. However, they can print the receipt afterwards from the customer portal. The data from bike rides paid with contactless payment is not stored in the Freebike application.

Users can check the station locations on the Freebike application, station maps, website or the Lahti map service.

Mankeli customer service helps with any questions regarding contactless payment. The city bike operator Freebike will introduce a new payment method for the Mankeli bikes in cooperation with Mastercard.

The tariffs of 2024

  • Pay as you go 20 cents/minute
  • Day pass 5 €
  • Week pass 10 €
  • Month pass 20 €
  • Three-month pass 40 €
  • Season pass 60 €
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