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Strolling and skating on frozen Lake Vesijärvi

A skating and a separate walking route is open on the ice of Lake Vesijärvi. Mind the fact, that the ice is not as even as on skating rinks. Ice routes are a participatory budgeting initiative.

Skaters of all levels, starting with the youngest in the family and kick sledders, are welcome on the skating route. Pedestrians and bikers have their own route next to the skating route.

The routes are ploughed and maintained according to the weather conditions and every day if necessary. Maintenance work is indicated by a maintenance sign at the starting end of the skating and walking trail. During the maintenance period, you should move on the routes with particular caution.

Skaters should note that the surface of natural ice is always more uneven than that of a skating rink. From time to time and when weather conditions allow, the surface of the natural ice is planned to be levelled so that water is pumped from the lake onto the route. During this larger freezing and restoration operation, the skating trail will remain closed for a little longer. Then, it will be best to leave the skates at home and head to the ice-walking route.

Borrow touring skates or a kick sled

You can borrow adult-sized touring skates and kick sledges free of charge from restaurant Nosturi during the restaurant’s opening hours. Find more information and practical instructions on Nosturi’s website.