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The City of Lahti supervises unauthorized use of public space – check your plot boundaries

Did you know trampolines, trailers, and sheds must be built and stored within your plot boundaries? The boundaries are easy to check on the Lahti map service.

House owners and housing associations must ensure that the temporary and permanent structures built on their plots are inside their boundaries. The owner should not expand the boundaries to streets, parks, or forests by felling trees or mowing lawn.

The city monitors plot boundaries during other field visits. The city intervenes if the owner has built canopies, playhouses, sheds, or stores goods outside the plot.

The city will contact the owner, urging them to clean the public space or dismantle the structures. The owner may receive inspection fees if they do not to clear up the public space.

Buildings and goods in public streets or green areas hinder the maintenance. They might be in the way of snow ploughing or preventing forest and park maintenance work.

It is also not allowed to take garden waste from your yard to parks and forests. The right place for garden waste is at the sorting station.

Check your plot boundaries on the Lahti map service

To check your plot boundaries, choose Terrain map as the 2D level. Lahti-Piste customer service can also help with the plot boundaries.

Lahti Map Service