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The passion play ‘Kärsimystie’ will return to the streets of Lahti during Easter

After an eight-year break, the passion play will return to the streets of Lahti, produced by the Lutheran Parish Union. The dramatic reenactment of Jesus's final journey will occur from March 28th to 30th, starting from the City Hall and concluding at the Cross Church, where the theatre group will portray the crucifixion and resurrection scene.
Kärsimystie nähtiin Lahdessa edellisen kerran vuonna 2016.

Various scenes will unfold along the route, including at Mariankatu Park, the Hakkapeliitta Statue, the marketplace, the corner of Mariankatu and Vapaudenkatu, and as the procession ascends the hill on Mariankatu towards the Cross Church.

The main performances of the Passion Play will be on Friday, March 29th, and Saturday, March 30th, from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM, with a public dress rehearsal on March 28th at the same time.

Directed by Petri Liski, with Tapani Kalliomäki reprising his role as Jesus and Laura Salmi overseeing costumes, the production also involves a significant number of volunteers—up to 150—serving as actors, choir members, crowd participants, prop managers, and costume assistants.

Due to the expected arrival of thousands of visitors, the upcoming event will impact traffic in Lahti’s city center. The parking spaces at Mariankatu and Hakkapeliitta Square will be unavailable from March 28th to 30th, and there will be periodic street closures during performances, which will last for 15 to 20 minutes along the route. For additional traffic information, please visit the parish union’s website.

Kärsimystie in Lati Lutheran parish union’s site

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