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Tips for spring cleaning of cars, yards, and carpets

The spring cleaning is around the corner. Take a look at these tips to make your spring cleaning smooth and better for the environment.

The best cleaning option for vehicles is to take them to a car wash

We recommend taking cars to a car wash for cleaning. It is the most environmentally friendly option because car washes have the proper ways to handle wastewater.

You can wash your car from time to time on your property. However, in the groundwater district, cars must be washed with water only. The use of detergents is prohibited because the ingredients they contain can cause a risk of groundwater contamination.

The water generated during occasional car washing must be absorbed on the property. Do not direct the wash water into public areas or the city’s rainwater network. Wastewater from the rainwater network goes untreated in the surrounding environment or water system.

Car washing in street areas, parking lots, and other public and beach areas is always prohibited.

Check the ground water districts (Lahti Map Service)

Use garden waste in your yard or take it to a sorting station for free

You can use garden waste in your yard if the waste does not contain harmful plants. Compost raking waste in a composter, chop the branches and twigs, and use them, for example, as cover for the roots of bushes. Taking garden waste to public or private areas, such as parks and forests, is prohibited.

Salpakierto Oy sorting stations accepts raking waste and twigs all year round. Households can take garden waste to a sorting station free of charge when there is no other waste among the garden waste. Sort twigs and branches and other garden waste separately.

Collection points for garden waste (

Take carpets to a laundromat or carpet cleaning stations

Wash carpets at the city’s carpet cleaning stations or take them to a laundromat. Do not wash carpets in lakes or rivers.

Carpet cleaning stations are available from 15 May to 15 September. The daily washing time is 6-22. A timer regulates the water supply to the sinks.

Check the locations of the carpet cleaning stations (Lahti Map Service)