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Two mini health forests in the city center for summer

Two mini health forests will enliven the center of Lahti this summer. These green spots offer locals the opportunity to connect with nature in the middle of the city and promote their well-being at the same time.

The mini health forests are entirely funded by the EU. They are part of the EU-funded GoGreenRoutes project, which has developed a health forest next to the Päijät-Häme Central Hospital in Lahti. The mini health forests aim to bring the well-being effects of nature to the attention of locals and promote their connection with nature.

Both mini health forests consist of planter boxes containing various forest plants. The mini forests also feature seating areas that invite people to relax and enjoy the refreshing effects of nature. Especially in an urban environment, a green spot provides an important place for recovery.

The mini forests are located at Lanunaukio and in front of the main library

The first mini health forest is already available at Lanunaukio. Innogreen created the forest with movable planter boxes that will delight people in the center until the end of August.

The second mini health forest will be set up in front of the main library in July. The planter boxes will be supplied to Lahti by Helix Pflanzen, a German partner of the GoGreenRoutes project, which implements green solutions in cities.

– Helix delivers nature boxes to six partner cities of the project across Europe to communicate the importance of nature in promoting our well-being. We will receive a total of 24 large nature boxes with plants in Lahti. These boxes will remain the property of the city in the future, says project manager Taru Suutari.

– Mini health forests offer a great opportunity to take a moment to relax in nature without having to leave the city. I hope that the mini forests will bring joy to locals and inspire them to visit the larger health forest or their own nearby forests, says Suutari.

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