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Vandalism on Mankeli bikes – check the bike before the ride

The tyres of several Mankeli bikes have been punctured, and cables have been cut. Vandalism causes costs for the city and reduces the quality of the bike-sharing service.
The city bikes are regularly maintained, but you should check the bike's condition before the ride.

During the first months of the season, there has been an unusually high amount of vandalism directed at Mankeli bikes. Mankeli bikes have been damaged throughout the city. Vandalism may reduce the number of available bikes and might lead to the city considering the relocation of Mankeli stations.

Bikes are regularly maintained, but checking the bike’s condition before riding is advisable. Report any issues through the Freebike app’s fault report feature. You can do this by clicking on the warning sign icon when you have a bike selected as active. If you observe vandalism against the bikes, notify Mankeli customer service or the police.

Contact information of the Mankeli customer service