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Winter street maintenance and snow ploughing in Lahti

During winter, the City of Lahti undertakes snow removal and ice prevention measures to keep roads clear and reduce slippery conditions. Both the city and property owners share the responsibility for winter maintenance.

When snow falls, maintenance focuses first on clearing main streets, those used by buses, and heavily trafficked paths for pedestrians and cyclists. After addressing these routes, attention shifts to residential streets.

Ploughing typically begins after about 3 centimetres of snowfall. Main streets are usually cleared within 6 hours, while residential streets might take up to 12 hours after snowfall ends. However, heavy snowfall can slow the process.

Property owners’ responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and making sure sidewalks next to their property are safe to walk on. They must also remove snow from their driveway entrances and handle winter upkeep on their land.

Slip­pe­ry pa­ve­ment war­nings

You can subscribe to a text message service warning you about slippery pavements. A warning message is sent whenever the winter maintenance supervisor notices that the conditions have become dangerously slippery. Sanding the pavements takes time, but the warning reaches the residents immediately. Read more about the slippery pavement warning.

  • Sometimes you need to wait for snow ploughing, because the street network has had to be prioritized in terms of which streets are maintained first and which last.

    Street maintenance is categorized into three groups: main roads, public transport routes, and residential streets. Main roads and public transport routes are given priority over residential streets for snow clearing.

    Residential streets should be ploughed no later than 12 hours after the snowfall ends.

  • At night, the other traffic is disturbed the least. Of course, we try to avoid unnecessary noise. Based on legislation, the beeping sound produced when the machine is reversing cannot be turned off.

  • Snow ploughs clear roads but might push snow onto sidewalks and in front of gates or driveways.

    Under Finnish law, it’s the responsibility of the property owner to remove snowbanks in front of gates or driveways as part of their winter maintenance.

  • Efficient snow clearance requires that car owners move parked cars from the streets. The city notifies car owners with relocation signs placed at least 48 hours before clearing an area. Failure to move a parked car will result in the city relocating it and charging the owner, except in cases where the car was parked before the relocation request was made.

  • Pavements and cycling lanes are categorized into two classes based on their importance, similar to the streets. Class A includes the busiest lanes along main roads and is cleared within 6 hours after about 3 cm of snowfall. Class B lanes, found in residential areas might take up to 12 hours for snow removal, especially if it snowed overnight or in the morning.