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City planning

City planning determines the use and construction principles of municipal areas. In Lahti, the work programme includes 60–70 planning projects each year.

​City planning determines the placement and implementation method of housing, jobs, traffic and green areas as well as other functions. The planning is directed by legislation and the City's own goals. Changes in the city planning are instituted by the City or a private party.

The plan is presented on a map

The city plan or a change to it is presented on a map. Markings and stipulations on the city plan map display matters such as the amount of construction needed and the placement of buildings. The city plan also determines other factors affecting the structure and townscape of the city, such as street width and facade materials.

The city plan map is complemented by a plan report. Usually, illustrations and building practice instructions are also drawn up to clarify the purpose of the plan.

The planning can be influenced

When the city plan is being prepared, people who live, work or own real estate in the plan area and areas affected by the plan, as well as others interested in the matter, are given an opportunity to voice their opinion either orally or in writing.

The city plans are processed in the board of technical affairs, the board of environment and the City Board. The plans are approved by the City Council. Plans with only minor effects are approved by the board of technical affairs.

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