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Master plan

The master plan solves the general development of land use and traffic. The master plan indicates where the different operations, such as services, businesses and housing, are located. The plan also helps to see how the city operates as a whole and steers the more detailed city planning.

Lahti’s master plan is updated by the City Council terms. For the first time, the master plan was drawn up for the entire Lahti area in this term of 2017–2020. The master plan is part of the Lahti Direction work that combines the planning of land use and traffic in a way that is unique in Finland.

Continuous master plan

The City of Lahti has developed the method of a continuous master plan. According to it, master planning proceeds in cycles of four years, which means the master plan is reviewed by the City Council terms. A continuous master plan gives an overview of the City’s strategic development of land use, which allows detailed planning and projects to be timed and targeted right.
Different zones under examination

With the master plan that covers the entire city, different zones of the new Lahti have been under examination: nature, rural area and villages and districts as well as the urban area. The work has studied the characteristics and services of different areas as well as mobility in these areas.

In this cycle of master planning, other topical themes have included vibrant city centres, attractive neighbourhoods, business life, services and natural environments.

Lahti Direction work is done in cooperation

The citizens, decision-makers, experts and other cooperation partners have an important role in master planning. The work is done interactively.

Lahti Direction

Master plan cycle of 2017–2020

The work has progressed as follows:

  • In 2017, common goals were set for the Lahti Direction work that covers the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in addition to the master plan.
  • In 2018, the master plan and a draft of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan were drawn up in cooperation with the citizens, entrepreneurs and other partners.
  • In 2019, the draft of the Lahti Direction was available for view.  The impact assessment was carried out as a multidisciplinary and interactive expert assessment.
  • In 2020, the master plan was completed as well as the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which was made public.  The City Council is approved the master in January 2021. Two complaints were left to the local administrative court.