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Starttivalmennus (Start-up Coaching) for people aged 15 to 25

Starttivalmennus is workshop coaching for young people aged 15 to 25 living in Lahti. Starttivalmennus strengthens young people’s skills in learning, life management and work. In Starttivalmennus, the participants will do group and individual exercises that support the young people to achieve their own goals.

The Starttivalmennus groups can include a maximum of 12 participants at a time, and the groups run on a non-stop basis.

An individual plan is made for all participants and it is reviewed on a regular basis. The goals for the period are determined together with the participant. In Starttivalmennus, the young people receive individual guidance in addition to group coaching based on their needs.

Starttivalmennus is contractual operation and its contractual forms include daytime activities, rehabilitative work activities, and work trials.