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Employment services for young people

We offer the unemployed young citizens of Lahti aged 17 to 29 a wide range of job and work trial opportunities. Through us, you can be accepted for a work trial or a salary subsidy employment at the employment services’ own sectors, companies, organisations or the City of Lahti.

Jobs and work trials

The sectors of employment services for young people (Cars, Drama, Media, Wood and Surface Treatment, Interior Design and Upholstery, and Renovation and Maintenance) provide work trials and wage-subsidised work in periods of varying lengths. During the period, young people will promote their own employment and education path with the support of coaches and can get help with life management, if needed.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Employment services for young people works in cooperation with Salpaus Further Education and arranges opportunities to study in a labour-intensive learning environment.

Studies are available to those students of Salpaus who the teacher and responsible person think would benefit from labour-intensive learning. The study periods vary from a month to six months. The goal is that the student will return to standard study forms after the period or graduate straight to one of the sectors of employment services.

Employment services for young people products and services

The sectors of employment services for young people produce products and provide services for private persons, businesses, associations and organisations of public administration. You can find the descriptions and contact information of the sectors as well as further information about the products and services from the sectors’ own page.