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City Centre

Currently, the most important development targets include the Ranta-Kartano hotel and water activity centre, the Malski Cultural Centre and within it the Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva. Health services are to be centralised to Lahti City Hospital and a big school campus is to be built in Paavola.

The city centre is developed as a busy place for living, trade and services. Plenty of events are held there, with the market square often as the centre of them. Attractiveness is increased by calming the traffic and invigorating the city centre with art as well as roadside trees and other plantings.​

Aiming for smoother transportation and a more attractive city centre​

We want the city centre to be accessible via every mode of transportation. An objective plan for the city centre’s traffic and mobility is currently being prepared, and its target year is 2030. In particular, the conditions for walking and cycling will be improved and the environmental hazards of traffic decreased. Car traffic will be directed to the edges of the city centre and parking will be centralised to car parks.​

The city centre is developed together​

Planning and construction are busy at the city centre. In recent years, several new residential buildings have been built and more opportunities for stores, hotels and services have been created. Planning creates conditions for the continuation of growth.​

We want the city centre to be a cosy place to live and visit. We are actively working to increase the attractiveness of the city, together with the residents, entrepreneurs and the city centre development association, Lahti City Association.​