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Let’s make events!

If you are planning to organise an event, you don’t have to plan alone. The event services of the City of Lahti make your job easier when you are planning and organising events.

The event services of the City of Lahti offer support and assistance for organising all kinds of public events. Lahti is actively seeking new events, but we are also happy to support events that have already been around for a long time. We want to make Lahti a fair, welcoming and easily accessible place where it is easy to organise events. The city welcomes events of all sizes all year round.

The city’s event services can help you with many things, whether big or small, such as:

  • finding the right venue for your event
  • event permits, notices, application processes and cooperation with authorities
  • event technology
  • event production from planning to post-event cleaning on a practical level
  • auxiliary services, such as marketing, accommodation, transportation, sales, information
  • volunteering
  • finding partners from educational institutions to businesses
  • event grants
  • event impact assessments
  • other events and cooperation opportunities
  • local specialities and people

The city’s event services are free of charge. The auxiliary services of Lahti Region Oy and Koko Lahti Oy have their own rates.

Let’s make Lahti an even better city for events!