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Pikku-Vesijärvi Park

Pikku-Vesijärvi Park is a functional landscape park, with extensive grass areas surrounding the Pikku-Vesijärvi lake.

Along the walkway that runs around the park there are benches and picnic tables where you can sit down to enjoy the surroundings. The park is home to a popular attraction in Lahti: a musical fountain.

The park is a green oasis where people get together for picnics and other recreational activities.

History, vegetation and things to see

Garden specialist Erkki Kivivuori designed Pikku-Vesijärvi Park in 1959. The park’s original look has been preserved over the years.

The park covers an area of 10.5 hectares, half of which is water. The park is rich in typical waterfront trees, especially common alder, white willow and Swedish columnar aspen, but also coniferous trees like Douglas spruce, fir and larch.

Musical fountain

The musical fountain of Pikku-Vesijärvi has been bringing joy to the city residents with its music and dancing water jets since 1997.  The fountain is at its most spectacular on dark autumn evenings.

The fountain has a total of 600 jets, the largest of which sprouts water to a height of about 15 metres. The fountain’s 250 lights make it possible to produce a myriad of different colours.

The musical fountain shows feature classical, film and pop music, among others. Classics do not become boring even after many listens!

The musical fountain also has a functional side: water is pumped from Lake Vesijärvi to Pikku-Vesijärvi, from where it returns to Lake Vesijärvi having been oxidized in the fountain.

Lanu Sculpture Park

The adjacent Kariniemi hill includes deciduous and mixed forests that are rich in species and have been kept almost in their natural state. Sculptures by sculptor Olavi Lanu have been placed along the built-up trail network. The bed of common hepatica flowers is unparalleled during springtime.

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