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City bike season starts on 22.4. – buy your season ticket with a discount

Buy your season ticket before the start of the season at a discounted price. The presale is 8.–22.4.

The discount price for a season ticket is 55 euros. The presale starts on 8.4 and lasts until the start of the season, 22.4.

The presale price only applies to the season ticket. Without the discount, the seven-month season ticket costs 60 euros.

Other ticket types are three months, a month, a week, a day, and pay-as-you-go or minute pricing. You can buy the tickets on the Freebike application.

Freebike 2.0 -application (App Store)

Freebike 2.0 -application (Google Play)

City bike stations 2024

This season, cyclists have 500 city bikes and 60 stations. Last year’s most popular stations were Market Square, Shopping Centre Trio and Travel Centre. Users rented Mankeli bikes almost 295 000 times last year.

Most Mankeli stations will remain in the same location as last season, but some may move slightly. Check all the stations in the Lahti Map Service.

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