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City bike season to start on April

The Mankeli bike season is being postponed for weather reasons. The bikes will be back on the streets on April, with a total of 31 Mankeli bike stations this season. There will be a discount for those buying a season ticket in advance.

The seven-month city bike season starts in April.  The start date had to be postponed due to uncertain weather conditions. The safety of users cannot be guaranteed on icy roads.

— Last autumn, we received some feedback about the season ending too soon. Due to unpredictable weather, the end of October has usually been defined as the end of the city biking season in Finland. We are now testing whether it is possible to cycle without studded tyres in Lahti in November, says Project Manager Anna Huttunen.

30 + 1 Mankeli bike stations

Last year, the three most popular city bike stations were located at the market square, in front of Trio and in the harbour. The network of city bike stations is tied to the total number of bikes, which is 250.

A few changes have been made to the station network since last autumn’s trial period. The changes are based on station utilisation rates, consideration, and user requests.

— We have received a huge number of station requests. Unfortunately, there are not enough stations for all the desired destinations. The optimal number of bikes per station is considered to be ten bikes per station. However, we have wanted to have slightly more stations and fewer bikes per station in order to better meet the needs and wishes of Lahti people.

The biggest changes in the station network will take place in Mukkula, where the Tiedepuisto station will be moved to the Mukkula shopping centre. The Metsäkangas station will be moved to a more central location in the area and a test station will also be set up on Sykekatu near the central hospital for trying out this season.

Discounted season ticket from pre-sale

The Public Transport Board decided on the ticket prices of the Mankeli bikes in January. The seven-month season ticket is 50 euros, the week ticket is 10 euros and the day ticket is 5 euros. The season ticket can be bought well in advance of the start of the season, and early buyers will be given a discount of 5 euros on the season ticket. The advance price only applies to the season ticket.

— We want to encourage Lahti people to use city bikes for the entire season. Last year, more than 1,600 people bought the Mankeli season ticket and the feedback was strikingly positive. An electric bike is a great way to get around in hilly Lahti.

The contract period for the Mankeli bikes is valid until spring 2027. The contract includes options that allow the city to, for example, expand the station network by doubling the number of bikes and extend the contract by two years.

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