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Environmental review of Lahti Region for 2020 published

The annual review published on the World Environment Day draws a picture of the condition of the environment in the region and offers valuable information for local decision makers.

The joint Environmental Review of Lahti and Hollola showcases environmental work done in the municipalities and presents environmental monitoring data collected in the region. The review also lists future challenges and plans.

The European Green Capital Award of Lahti is the fruit of determined work for the environment in the region. Positive development is visible also in several indicators. Climate emissions from the local energy production have further decreased and Lahti is one step closer to its carbon neutrality target. Further highlights are the increase in the length of combined pedestrian and cycling routes, as well as the decrease in electricity and heat consumption in municipal premises.

The review further indicates areas where improvement and more work is needed. Although traffic amounts decreased during the Covid-pandemic, the number of passenger cars is on increase. Another challenge is to increase the rate of waste reused as material.

Lahti Region Environmental Review 2019 in English PDF:

Further environmental data collected by the City of Lahti can be viewed online on the Lahti Environmental Watch service (currently only in Finnish):

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