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Find job opportunities at Tiistairekry – in April the event focuses on the restaurant industry

Are you currently seeking job opportunities in the restaurant industry? If so, you might be interested in attending the Tiistairekry event, which is organized on April 9th from 2 to 4 pm at the Palvelutori Service Center in Trio. Four employers from the industry will be seeking workers, and there is a chance to attend an interview in English. 

Tiistairekry is an excellent opportunity to meet employers and showcase one’s skills.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend the event regardless of prior experience or expertise in the restaurant industry. We encourage attendees to update their resumes in preparation for the event, as there will be an opportunity for them to go directly to a job interview.

April’s Tiistairekry will feature four employers from the restaurant industry: Hämeenmaa, Pincho Nation, AiCan Happy People, and Visio Personnel Solutions. Pincho Nation will conduct interviews in English.

– There are currently many job openings in the restaurant industry. Tiistairekry is a fantastic low-threshold event for anyone seeking new job opportunities. It’s also possible for those aspiring to enter the industry to progress, for example, through apprenticeships, encourages employment and business coordinator, Sirja Westman.

What is Tiistairekry?

Tiistairekry is an event series organized by the City of Lahti’s employment services. It is held monthly on Tuesday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm on the 2nd floor of Trio at the Palvelutori Service Center.

Tiistairekry facilitates company recruitments and connects potential job seekers and employers.

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