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Join us in developing Lahti: Particpatory budgeting is open for ideas

Lahti residents are invited to develop their own city and join the participatory budgeting. Submit ideas between August 23rd and September 17th.

Participatory budgeting, or osbu (=osallistuva budjetointi), means that residents can influence the use of public funds.

A total of €200,000 has been budgeted for implementing the ideas in 2022. The budget sum has been doubled from 2021. The sum is distributed in five equal parts for the following areas: the northern, southern and eastern areas, the city centre, and the entire city.

In Lahti, participatory budgeting operating model is divided in three stages: Propose ideas, develop and vote. The first stage started August 23rd, and all Lahti residents can submit their ideas between August 23rd and September 17th.

All the submitted ideas will be evalueted, and suitable ideas are selected for the mutual development stage where residents and the City’s experts co-operate to turn the ideas into plans. Ideas can also proceed directly from the idea submission stage to the voting stage.

In December, citizens can vote on the final ideas. The successful ideas will be implemented by the City during 2022.

New theme with a focus on children and young people

The themes of participatory budgeting in 2021–2022 are communality, environment, well-being, and children and young people. The project aims to reach more children and young people and encourage schools and educational institutes to come up with ideas and vote.

Last year Lahti residents submitted 713 project ideas. Most popular participatry budgeting ideas was a cherry tree park. The cherry trees were planted in the spring of 2021 in Laune Central Park.

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