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Labour strikes are impacting city operations on Thursday, 14.12.

The 24-hour political labor strikes by JHL and AKT will impact the operations of the City of Lahti on Thursday, December 14th. Strikes have significant effects on public transportation and sports services.

JHL members represent professional groups working in Lahti’s sports services, city theater, group administration, Facilities Center, and urban environment service area. AKT’s professional groups are involved, for instance, in the Lahti region’s public transportation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these labor strike arrangements.

Impact on Public Transportation and city services

AKT’s strike will significantly affect traffic operations in the Lahti region on Thursday. If possible, it’s advisable to prepare for alternative modes of transportation on Thursday.

Follow the updated announcements on LSL’s website. Additional information regarding the strike and the running schedules will be released in the announcement. Canceled and operational routes will also be updated on LSL’s journey planner once confirmed.

Parents will receive a Wilma message regarding primary education, and efforts will be made, if possible, to provide transportation for children to school, with potential reimbursement available afterward. School meals will be served as usual.

The City Orchestra has two concerts scheduled for Thursday, hoping that despite the labor situation, concert attendees will be able to attend.

Library material transportation will be halted, leading to potential delays in the arrival of items such as newspapers and reservations.

Certain city facilities, including schools, daycares, museums, and office spaces, may not undergo cleaning on Thursday. Internal city transports may also be affected.

Impact on sports servces and facilities

  • Saksala Swimming Hall will be closed all of Thursday, while other swimming halls will remain open as usual. 
  • The ski jump stadium doors are electronically locked, allowing scheduled sessions to proceed as normal. 
  • The main hall Suurhalli will be closed on Thursday, and its service number will not be operational.
  • The main ski jump will be closed, except for the reserved sessions at Karpalo.
  • The running track operates via electronic locks, and reserved sessions will continue as planned.
  • No mainentance of ski trails will take place during the strike day.
  • The Kisapuisto artificial turf and stadium will be closed, and the artificial ice rink will not be maintained. 
  • Mukkula Sports Hall will be closed, and the artificial turf field and skating area will not be cleared. 
  • Nastola Sports Center will be closed. 
  • Radiomäki skating rink will not be cleared, and the changing rooms will be closed. However, the lighting will remain on at all three skating rinks.
  • Activities at the Combat Arena (Kamppailuareena) and Mustankallio shelter will proceed as scheduled. 
  • Bookings in school gymnasiums will proceed as usual, except for the Kunnas branch at Alasenjärvi School.

More information

Tarja Jantunen, CEO, p. 050 559 7952
Aleksi Nyström, Sports Director, p. 044 483 1794
Tiina Granqvist, Director of Education, p. 050 383 6574