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New technical solutions tested on the CitiCAP bicycle highway

New CitiCAP bicycle highway has served walkers and cyclists since the turn of the year. In the spring, information displays will be installed on the path and green construction work will be finalized.

The completed CitiCAP  bicycle highway is part of the main cycling routes. The main routes offer smooth and direct routes from the residential area to the city centre all year round.

– On the CitiCAP bicycle highway, we were able to try new solutions that improve the safety and comfort of those travelling on the lane throughout the year, says Anna Huttunen, Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility.

In Lahti, new solutions include energy-efficient lighting of the bicycle highway and road signs reflected onto the street. The lighting reacts to movement and the lights dim and brighten as needed and according to the users. Road signs projected on the street, for their part, can be seen in the dark, rain and blizzard.

As spring progresses, displays will also be installed on the bicycle highway.  Information displays can be used to indicate the number of users of the path and, for example, weather information

The price of the technical solutions is approximately 7% of the total cost of the bicycle highway. In addition to visible solutions, the costs also include the communication and electrical cables they require, as well as the additional work resulting from their data model-based design.

Funding for the costs of the bicycle highway was provided from the European Union’s Urban Innovative Action program. In total, the cost of the bicycle highway is approximately EUR 2.3 million.

Construction into a finished environment was reflected in the feedback

The CitiCAP bicycle highway was mainly implemented by widening and improving existing routes.

– Adding bicycle highway to an existing infrastructure is always challenging. Costs increased and the schedule had to be flexible as not everything can be predicted and planned. The construction time made everyday life difficult for many people travelling from southern Lahti to the city centre for several months. However, after the road was completed, the feedback turned positive, says Mika Lastikka, City Engineer.

The safety of the road users is particularly affected by the new bridge connection. Heikinsilta speeds up the travellers’ travel time and removes a steep bend and dangerous shortcuts from the path.

If the coronavirus restrictions allow, the opening of the CitiCAP bicycle highway will be held on Heikinsilta during the Cycling Week on 10 May.