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Play your part – all environmental actions matter

Small actions have a big impact, as small streams grow into big streams. Play your part, let's play together.

FC Lahti players thought about easy ways to reduce the environmental load in their own everyday life. Life is full of small choices. The impact of one individual is small, but when the actions of the whole team are repeated, the result can be for better or for worse. What could be your way to reduce consumption?

Climate Campaigners mobile application is free and available in Lahti. By downloading it, you can participate on climate challenges. The application, developed in an international research project, challenges the Lahti citizens to try small environmental actions in their everyday life. The app offers an opportunity to monitor your own carbon footprint and gives tips for more sustainable choices. It gives options that are suitable for different lifestyles, allowing everyone to participate in a way that suits them.

In the Climate Campaigners application, every Lahti citizen plays for the environment and at the same time accelerates the city’s climate work. The city of Lahti is aiming for carbon neutrality in 2025. Download your own app and challenge your friends to participate in small everyday climate actions.

FC Lahti in Eco mode

FC Lahti and the city of Lahti made a joint video to inspire Lahti citizens to think about their small choices of everyday life. Challenge yourself and try new ways for the benefit of the environment.

Video production: Optipari

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