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The population of Lahti grew through immigration in 2023

Preliminary data from Statistics Finland indicates that Lahti's population was 120,700 by December 2023. Throughout the year, the city's population grew by 525 individuals, primarily due to a net migration surplus from abroad – 1,223 more people arrived than left.

In 2023, Lahti experienced the highest number of immigrants for the second consecutive year. 1,442 people moved to Lahti from abroad, while 219 left to live in other countries. This marked an increase of 540 more arrivals and 14 more departures compared to the previous year.

The net migration, representing the difference between immigration and emigration, also hit a record high in 2023, with a net gain of 1,223 people. Among different nationalities, the immigration of Ukrainian citizens saw the most significant increase, showing an increase of 463 more arrivals than the previous year. Starting from March 2023, the immigration figures for the year may include Ukrainian individuals who have received temporary residence permits in Finland under special protection, allowing them to apply for residency in Lahti.

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