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The swimming waters in Lahti are clean and refreshing

Recent tests show that the waters in Lahti's swimming beaches are of good quality, even though there have been a sightings of blue-green algae. Remember to check the algae levels before swimming, and always respect the beach rules.

Inspections have been conducted at Lahti’s swimming beaches, and water samples were collected from all official beaches on June 27th. The water quality was good at all the beaches. The temperature of the water ranged from 21.6 to 24.6 degrees Celsius. You can find the test results on the notice board of the beaches.

There have been a  traces of blue-green algae at all the other beaches except Mytäjäinen.

The next round of testing will be done on July 18th at all the official swimming beaches.

Hanhipartio keeps Mukkula and Ankkuri beaches clear of Canada geese

Licensed drone operations are used to disperse Canada geese from the sands of Mukkula and Ankkuri beaches. The Hanhipartio, Goose Patrol, team also walks calmly towards the geese to make them move away. This helps to keep the beach areas clean. The team members wear blue vests with a Hanhipartio logo.

Keep an eye on Blue-green algae before swimming

A small amount of blue-green algae may appear as tiny green flakes in the water. It usually doesn’t cause any problems for swimmers, but it is a recommended to take a shower after swimming.

If there is a lot of blue-green algae, it can look like large green floating mats or the water can turn noticeably green. If you see a lot of blue-green algae, it’s best to avoid swimming. Blue-green algae can cause skin redness, itching, eye or nose irritation, and stomach problems. These symptoms usually appear a few hours after being in contact with blue-green algae.

List of official beaches (in Finnish)

Remember the beach rules

  • Don’t bring pets to the public beach areas
  • Camping, fishing, and setting up tents are not allowed on the beach
  • Don’t feed the birds at the beach
  • Put your trash in the designated bins
  • No smoking on the public swimming beaches

Additional Information:

If you notice any problems with the beach, you can contact the beach operator. Their contact information can be found on the notice board. If you have any questions about the water quality in the public swimming beaches of the City of Lahti, you can get in touch with Environmental Health.