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Off to first grade

In Finland, compulsory education usually starts the year the child turns 7. In Lahti, more than 1,200 first-graders will begin going to school in August 2019.

First grade enrolment

Soon-to-be first-graders will report for school primarily through the electronic Wilma system in January. 

  • Instructions for reporting and a key code for using the electronic system will be mailed to the home address of the new student and his/her carers during the second week of the year.
  •  Please keep the key code and the Wilma user ID and password created with it for the morning and afternoon activity applications in April.
  • Enclosed will also be the "Welcome to comprehensive school" guide.

The new student's options:  

  • enrolling in the school of his/her school admission area,
  • applying for a school other than the school of the admission area,
  • applying for a school in another municipality or a private school.

Children applying for special support, postponement of their education or preparatory instruction for basic education will also enrol in their local school.

Appointment with the school nurse

When your child's school has been confirmed, please make an appointment with the school nurse for a physical examination. A medical history form will be filled in and submitted to the nurse upon the examination. Instructions and the form "School health care medical history / New student" can be found on the school health care pages.

Familiarisation days

The schools will organise a familiarisation day for new students and their carers in May.